Vietkings honours youngest writer of fiction in English hinh anh 1The first volume “Back to The Past” (Photo:
Hanoi (VNA) - With the English-Vietnamese bilingual series for children "Star Team: A Quest For The Greatest Power ", Nguyen Hanh Phuong has been named Vietnam's youngest writer of fiction in English by the Vietnam Record Association, Vietkings.

The 4-volume series will hit the shelf one every year.

Phuong, or Rosy Black, started writing it in July 2019 when she was 10 years old. After Finishing volume 1 in English, she translated it to Vietnamese.

The Kim Dong Publishing House published the first volume “Back to The Past” and the subsequent three, “To The Future”, “Up to Heaven” and “Down to Hell”, will be released in the future. 

The novel is a story of four English adventurous children aged 12. They are classmates and each of them has a gift such as reading old language, navigating, wizardry and robotics. 

They discover a box with the letters “The Box of Greatest Power” in a house but a character called Death steals it from them. The story tells of their quest to get the box back.

Phuong writes in English first and then translates into Vietnamese. She was taught English at the age three by her mother -- an English-language teacher. At the age of four, she could read both Vietnamese and English. She has read so far over 1,000 books, mainly in English. 

Phuong won gold and silver medals at the Asian Science and Mathematic Olympiad in Vietnam in 2020 and 2021. She is also a contributor for English teaching programme on Vietnam National Television's Channel 7. 

She has written fictional stories in the past but “Star Team: A Quest For The Greatest Power” is the first published.

Phuong is currently writing Volume 2 which will be published at the end of this year./.