Since its inception in Vietnam in 1994, the French Agency for Development (AFD) has run 75 projects in the country, with a combined committed investment of more than 1.5 billion euros (2.03 billion USD).

The information was announced at a Hanoi meeting on June 17 reviewing the agency’s activities in Vietnam last year and discussing the 20th anniversary of its operations in the country.

AFD-funded projects have assisted Vietnam in a range of fields, including rural development, energy, traffic infrastructure, clean water and environmental sanitation.

Last year, it pledged to fund 146 million euros to help Vietnam increase macroeconomic stability, sustainable urban development and rural infrastructure, and fight against climate change.

At the meeting, AFD Vietnam Director Remi Genevey said many symposiums on climate change and some relevant exhibitions will be held to mark the 20 th anniversary of the AFD in the country.

Over the past 70 years, the French financial institution has facilitated poverty reduction work and the economic growth of countries in the southern hemisphere and France’s overseas territories.

In 2013, the agency financed 7.8 billion euros to developing countries and territories to form out projects, especially those against climate change.-VNA