Experts from many Vietnamese universities and government agencies participated in a workshop on the environment and the management of river basin in Bangkok from February 8-9.

Also under discussion was how to enhance Asian countries’ capacity in responding to climate change.

Vietnam’s research projects in the field presented at the event attracted interest from international delegates.

The river basin management talk was initiated by Yamanashi University of Japan and a network of International Research Centres for River Basin Environment (ICRE-Net) was established to undertake further research in this area.

Many universities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City along with Vietnam’s research institutes on environment and weather also joined the network, which is sharing the latest findings made by its members to interested countries.

At the workshop, which saw the participation of over 45 scientists, attendees discussed ways to set up greater cooperation between them in the future.

Vietnamese scientists introduced their achievements in fighting against floods and protecting the environment. They also expressed their hope to partner with teams from other countries towards better coping with climate change in Vietnam.

Participants said that the management of river basin is an urgent issue in many countries as scarce water resources and low quality of water have the potential to be disastrous.

The workshop heard 19 projects, five of which were from Vietnam, focusing on the fields of climate and water environment, treatment of polluted water and health care.-VNA