Vietnam , since it became an official member of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in 1976, has actively participated in activities to strengthen solidarity and enhance the role of the movement, striving for the common goals of peace, national independence, democracy and social advance.

The statement was made by Deputy Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh while granting an interview to the Vietnam News Agency on the role of NAM and challenges facing the 50 year-old movement as well as Vietnam ’s contributions to this movement .

“ Vietnam always considers contributions to NAM an important part of its foreign policy of openness, diversification and multilateralisation of relations, and willingness to become a friend and reliable partner of all countries,” Minh said.

Over the past five decades, NAM has gathered the forces of developing countries and actively supported the struggle for national independence, peace and the fight for a new international economic order, said the Deputy FM.

NAM ’s noble objectives and principles since its early day have now become standards which are widely acknowledged in modern international relations and a source of strength that helps the movement overcome challenges. The most outstanding principles include the respect for equality and sovereignty, no interference into other countries’ internal affairs, strengthening friendship, not using or threatening to use force in relations among nations as well as the peaceful settlement of international on the basis of international law.

Minh went on to say that the world and regional situations will see rapid and profound developments in the coming time, which require countries to strengthen action coordination to solve their common challenges.

Therefore, NAM is expected to set out measures to strengthen solidarity, dynamism and its role in international relations, coordination in multilateral forums in both politics and economics as well as in other global issues, striving for a more equal and democratic new world order that ensures the interests of developing countries, he stressed.

According to Minh, the 16 th NAM Ministerial Meeting in Indonesia from May 24-27, themed “Common vision on NAM contributions in the next 50 years”, has discussed orientations for the movements in the coming time as well as put forth measures to strengthen its role and position in addressing global issues, protecting the legitimate interests of NAM members and developing countries and pushing for the peaceful settlement of conflicts.

At the meeting, the Vietnamese delegation proposed that NAM should actively raise its voice in dealing with major international issues such as the UN reshuffling, the implementation of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the acceleration of the Doha negotiation round and responses to global crises and challenges, the Deputy FM said./.