Vietnam joined the United Nations more than 40 years ago. The cooperation between Vietnam and the UN has become a role model of cooperation between the UN and its members, while attesting to the role of the UN in promoting international cooperation in socio-economic, cultural and humanity affairs.

Vietnam has made active contributions to the three pillars of the UN, namely security, development and human rights protection. The country has joined important UN bodies, such as the UN Security Council, the UN Department of Socio-Economic Affairs, and the UN Office of Legal Affairs. Notably, Vietnam has recently been nominated to join the UN Security Council.

Vietnam has worked well in terms of calling for funds from UN Development Organisations while participating in the organisations.  Piloting the “One UN” initiative is one Vietnamese effort that has been praised by sponsorship partners. 

In the next five years, the United Nations will continue providing support for Vietnam to implement the sustainable development goals, ensuring adaption to climate change and sustainable environment development and promoting prosperity and partnership.

The fruitful cooperation between Vietnam and the UN over the past 40 years has become a role model for the cooperation between the UN and its members, contributing to the bilateral cooperation, facilitating Vietnam’s industrialisation and modernisation while enhancing the role of the UN./.