Vietnam advised to take advantage of AI chances to bolster growth hinh anh 1A booth in an exhibition on AI technology in Vietnam (Photo: VNA)
Singapore (VNA) – Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are standing at the 87th and 95th places, respectively, in the Global Cities Artificial Intelligence (AI) Disruption Index, which was revealed on September 26.

The index was a global study conducted by the US-based Oliver Wyman Forum, which ranked 105 international cities in terms of their preparedness for the broad technological and digital disruption that will be spurred by AI and related technologies.

The cities were ranked based on four key criteria, including the quality of a city’s plan (Vision); a city’s ability to execute on forward-looking plans (Activation); the extent and quality of talent, education, and infrastructure (Asset Base); and how the interplay of Activation and Asset Base are impacting its overall momentum (Trajectory).

Timocine Pervane, an expert of Oliver Wyman Forum, said with high growth rate, and growing skilled workers, Vietnam has a bright prospect and is on the right track towards the AI age.

It is important for the country to take advantage of chances produced by the Fourth Industrial Revolution to bolster its growth, he added.

The 10 leading cities are Singapore, London (the UK), New York and San Francisco (the US), Paris (France), Stockholm (Sweden), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Boston (the US), Berlin (Germany) and Sydney (Australia).

European cities have an advantage in terms of their ability to implement plans, while cities in the US and Asia are making the greatest strides in catching up with breakthroughs in the age of AI.

However, the index also showed that no city in the world is ready for the disruptions that will be brought on by the age of AI./.