Illustrative image (Source: VNA)
Moscow (VNA) – The government and youth of Vietnam always accompany young people around the world, a Vietnamese official said at the Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Youth held in Moscow, Russia on October 12-13.

Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Nguyen Trong Thua said Vietnam' policy is to build a generation of youngsters with comprehensive development, patriotism, revolutionary morality, sense of civic responsibility and socialist ideals.

They must be well educated and have jobs, good health, soft skills and strong will, as well as master science and technology, becoming high-quality human resources meeting requirements of the era of stepping up industrialization and modernization, he said.

Besides opportunities, Vietnamese youth are now facing many challenges such as lack of jobs, soft skills and knowledge on health care and personal development, he said, adding that they are yet to be independent, active and creative, failing to meet international integration requirements.

The Vietnamese representative spoke highly of Russia’s initiative to coordinate with the UN in organising this meeting, which offers governments an opportunity to share experience in realising youth development policies.

He suggested the UN adopt a global agenda on defining the role of young people in achieving sustainable development. Countries need to devise mechanisms to ensure youth’s involvement in building and implementing policies, especially those related to them, he said.

They should commit to investing in realising young people’s initiatives to boost the development of the society and community for sustainable development as well as fostering international cooperation to share experience in building and enforcing youth development policies, he added.

Attracting over 70 delegations from the five continents, the meeting aimed to share good practices on each country’s youth policy, define the role of youngsters in achieving sustainable development and build a contingent of active and adaptable young people.-VNA