A Vietnamese representative to the UN said Vietnam welcomes positive developments in Lebanon in the past six months but still expressing concerns about challenges currently facing the country.

At the UN Security Council Consultations on Resolution 1559 (2004) regarding Lebanon on October 27, Ambassador Bui The Giang highlighted Lebanon’s success in maintaining calm and stable political and security situation, holding the parliamentary election in June and establishing full diplomatic ties with Syria.

The Vietnamese representative recognised the closer cooperation between the Lebanese authorities and the Palestinian camp authorities as contributions to improvements in security in Palestinian camps as well as security situation in the Lebanon .

In this context, he called upon all parties concerned in Lebanon to continue to adhere to the Doha Agreement, transcend sectarian and individual interests, and make every collective effort to expeditiously conclude the formation of a new Government and re-convene the National Dialogue.

However, the Vietnamese official expressed concerns over the challenges prompted by the repeated security incidents in and around Tripoli , the sporadic rocket attacks targeting southern Israel , the continued negative humanitarian conditions in Palestinian refugee camps, and the lack of progress in relation to Shab’a Farms and disarmament.

He reiterated the demand for an immediate end to Israel’s occupation of the northern part of Ghajar and violations of Lebanese airspace in contravention to Security Council resolutions and called for the full-fledged implementation of Resolution 1559 on all related fronts, ultimately leading to the assumption of full, effective and sole security responsibility by the Lebanese Government and Armed Forces all over the Lebanese territory.

The Vietnamese representative urged the parties concerned to take practical steps in collaboration with UNFIL to investigate acts of violence, tackle outstanding disputes by peaceful means and avoid any action that may potentially destabilise the situation on the ground.

The ambassador reasserted Vietnam ’s support for the full implementation of all relevant Security Council resolutions toward the restoration of independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Lebanon and wished Lebanon the best preparations for its upcoming membership in the Council in the 2010-2012 term./.