Vietnam requests that Google Maps correct its description of the land borderline between Vietnam and China, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Nguyen Phuong Nga said.

“Google Maps presents an incorrect land borderline between Vietnam and China . Vietnam requests that Google correct this mistake according to the current official map of Vietnam,” spokesperson Nga said in response to reporters’ queries on March 20.

According to her, Vietnam and China signed a protocol on border demarcation and landmark planting, an agreement on land border management regulations and an agreement on border gates and regulations on land border gate management on November 18, 2009.

With the signing of these documents, the Vietnam-China borderline has been positioned clearly on the map, spokesperson Nga said, adding that both sides are to ratify the agreements in accordance with the law of their respective countries so as to translate them into reality.

As soon as the Vietnam-China Land Border Treaty (signed in 1999) and relevant documents become effective, they will be officially deposited at the United Nations and provided to mapping and publishing organisations the world over, she said./.