Vietnamese fishermen on the attacked fishing boats are at the ​captivity in Thailand (Source: VNA)

Bangkok (VNA) – The Embassy of Vietnam in Thailand has asked Thailand to actively search for the missing Vietnamese fisherman after the recent attack.

During a meeting with officials from Naval Zone 2 of Thailand’s Royal Navy on July 11, Nguyen Hai Ngoc, First Secretary at the Embassy of Vietnam, underlined the search for this fisherman, saying it is a humanitarian issue.

According to Captain Chokchai Ruangjam from Thai Naval Zone 2, after the incident, Thailand deployed helicopters and ships to search for the missing Vietnamese fisherman. The search will continue in the coming days.

Thai naval forces opened fire on three Vietnamese fishing boats from the Mekong Delta province of Ben Tre with 18 fishermen on board, according to the Vietnamese Embassy in Thailand.

The shots, which occurred at around 14:00 on July 8, injured two fishermen and left another missing, while two of the boats sunk in a collision with Thai naval vessels.

The fishing boats were chased off by Thai naval force police after they were allegedly found illegally operating in Thailand’s waters earlier on the same day.

It was the second time Thai naval vessels shot at Vietnamese fishing boats and caused casualties.

In September 2015, they opened fire on Vietnamese boats, killing a fisherman.-VNA