Vietnam participated in the 20th Sao Paulo forum held in La Paz, Bolivia, from August 25-29, along with Latin American grassroots organisations and 180 left-wing parties from 52 different countries.

The crisis of capitalism, regional integration, leadership in left-wing parties, cultural preservation, the rights of women and youth, social movements, environmental protection and unity were under discussion within the forum.

The event closed with a final declaration, demanding an immediate end to the US embargo against Cuba.
Delegates also paid tribute to the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro and former Brazilian President Lula da Silva, who founded and played an active role in the forum.

Alongside the forum, the Vietnamese delegation also held bilateral meetings to discuss common issues and mutual cooperation.

The next forum, scheduled for August 2015 in Mexico City, will be co-hosted by the Party of the Democratic Revolution and the Labour Party (PT) of Mexico.-VNA