Vietnamese Ambassador to India, Ton Sinh Thanh attended the 7 th Vibrant Gujarat Global Investment Promotion Summit, which opened on January 11 in Gardihinaga city, Gujarat state, India.

The Vietnamese diplomat announced his intent to meet with the Association of Exporters and Importer (EXIM Club) to examine collaborative potentials between the two countries’ economies, as well as discuss national trade cooperation specifically with the Gujarat state.

Event participants included Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and numerous high level officials and representatives from over 90 countries and prominent enterprises.

Delegations will focus on fostering sustainable development, creativity, skills development, knowledge sharing, and systematic work initiatives within the state.

The event presents opportunities for other nations to develop business ties with India and forums for international policy-makers, industrial leaders, specialists, and well-known academics to exchange views.

PM Modi will meet with high-level leaders and policy-makers from the US, the UK, Singapore, Poland, and Bhutan during the event to discuss joint efforts and mutual economic, national defence, and anti-terrorist interests, among others.

The biennial event will run from January 11-13, sponsored by the US, Japan, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa and the UK.-VNA