A Vietnamese delegation led by Deputy Finance Minister Truong Chi Trung attended the ninth annual ASEAN Finance Ministers’ Investor Seminar (AFMIS), which was opened in Hong Kong special administrative region, China on October 9. 

Addressing the event, Trung affirmed Vietnam’s consistent policy of curbing inflation, stabilising macro-economy and maintaining growth at a reasonable level in line with renewing growth model, restructuring the economy and ensuring social welfare.

He said the Vietnamese Government’s economic management efforts have brought about positive results. By the end of September, Vietnam saw a rise in gross domestic product (GDP) in three consecutive quarters, reaching 5.35 percent in the third quarter, higher than 4.66 percent and 4 percent in the second and first quarter, respectively.

In September, the industrial production index rose by 9.7 percent while the retail index jumped by 17 percent.

During the nine-month period, Vietnam recorded a trade surplus of 34 million USD, compared to the 8.16 billion USD trade deficit the same period last year. Vietnam’s exports to the US and the European Union, the country’s largest importers, rose by 17.7 percent and 23.5 percent year on year, respectively.

In addition to pointing out short-term and medium-term challenges facing each ASEAN member country and the region, the event also aims to highlight ASEAN countries’ successes in maintaining their macro-economies amid the global economic woes, thereby luring more regional and overseas investors, Dung said.

Participants at the event agreed that ASEAN will become a highly competitive economic area with free flows of goods, services and investment, towards sustainable economic development in line with poverty and inequality reduction.-VNA