A Vietnamese delegation led by Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Do Huu Hao attended the 2009 Pacific Energy Summit in Tokyo, Japan, on November 3.

The summit, themed “Energy security and economic growth in the Asia-Pacific: Innovations, markets and smart policies for a low-carbon future”, has also drawn the participation of leading policy makers and experts from regional countries as well as leaders of major multi-nationals, including ExxonMobil, GE Energy, Alliance to Save Energy, Toshiba, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

During the three-day event, the participants will exchange ideas on a roadmap for the development of efficient and clean energy technologies, as well as mechanisms to promote the implementation of these technologies and the challenges faced by countries like India, China, Japan and the US.

On the occasion, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) released its report on energy outlook in the Asia-Pacific in which it stressed that the region must invest between 7-9 trillion USD into the energy sector during the 2005-2030 period to meet increasing demand.

Speaking at the announcement ceremony, ABD Vice President Lawrence Greenwood called upon concerned parties to seek economical and environmentally-friendly measures to ease gas emissions while meeting the increasing demand for energy.

He also emphasised the need to strengthen cooperation among economies to boost energy security and sustainable development in the region./.