Vietnam attended the 27th annual session of the United Nations Human Rights Council that wrapped up in Geneva, Switzerland on September 26, marking its first presence at the gathering since its membership last year.

During the three-week sitting, the top UN human rights watchdog ratified 32 resolutions and decisions, and four president’s statements.

Leading the Vietnamese delegation, Ambassador Nguyen Trung Thanh, head of the Permanent Mission of Vietnam to Geneva delivered a speech, on behalf of ASEAN, at the opening session, and other discussions.

He confirmed that the Vietnamese government is determined to protect and promote human rights, and join global efforts in this regard.

The Vietnamese side offered feedback on many issues, including the rights of children and women, gender equality and teaching of history.

It co-sponsored three draft resolutions on the children’s right to entertainment, the promotion of human rights via sports and Olympics, and girls’ right to education, and at the same time, voted for resolutions on embargo and human rights; the right to development and peace, the use of mercenaries, foreign debts, and a world order of justice and democracy.

About a draft resolution on sexual tendency and gender recognition, Vietnam also said yes in view of realities in the country.

The council also zeroed in on the rights of the vulnerable, especially violence against children, the rights of the indigenous and Africans, family protection, environmental pollution.

Members looked at the status of human rights in Syria, Sri Lanka and the possibility of offering technical guidance on the application of human-based approach to South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Yemen, Sudan and Congo.

They debated in depth the annual reports of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the UN Commissioner Office and the UN Secretary General that feature the implementation of resolutions reached in the past.-VNA