Some 100 journalists from 50 countries, including Vietnam, gathered at the 2014 World Journalists’ Conference in Seoul, the Republic of Korea, from June 15-20, in quest for closer collaboration against challenges arising from the region and the world.

Nuclear issue, possible resumption of multilateral negotiations to ease tension in the Korean peninsula, and future trends in the era of social media caught participants’ attention.

Many said press networks to share information relevant to unexpected events like natural disasters, conflicts among nations and communities should come up very soon.

Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea Chung Ui-hwa and senior host officials made clear their people-to-people diplomatic policy, guidelines on traditional and non-traditional security issues, and the role of the media in events beyond national borders.

The annual conference was meant to update and review what confronts the sector in the context of global integration and blooming social media.-VNA