German businesses see Vietnam as a potential market for their development, said Germany ’s Commercial Counsellor in Vietnam Hans Brunner.

Vietnam ’s robust economic growth in recent years has drawn much attention from German businesses, and the free trade agreement (FTA) between Vietnam and the EU, which is expected to be signed in 2014, will open new opportunities for economic cooperation between the two countries’ businesses.

As of September 2013, Germany had 209 direct investment projects in Vietnam with a total registered capital of 1.14 billion USD, making the former one of the largest investors of the latter.

In the first nine month of this year, the country registered to run 15 new projects with a total capital of 88.56 million USD.

Most German companies invest in Vietnam mainly in the fields of high-tech, research and development, renewable energy, technical solutions and education.

In order to lure more foreign investors, Vietnam needs to improve administrative procedures and legal systems, said Hans Brunner.

Marko Walde, Chief Representative of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam , affirmed that by their experience and resources, German enterprises will contribute significantly to Vietnam ’s industrialisation process in the coming time.

Vietnam will host the 14 th Asia-Pacific Conference of German Businesses for the first time in November 2014. The event will offer opportunities for Vietnamese businesses and their German peers to discuss issues of common concern, while facilitating exchanges and investment partnerships, said Walde.-VNA