Vietnam, Belarus bolster cooperation in crime fight hinh anh 1The working session between the Vietnamese delegation (R) and Belarus’s Ministry of Internal Affairs (Photo: VNA)

Minsk (VNA) – Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security and Belarus’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and State Security Committee agreed to enhance cooperation in crime fight during their separate working sessions in Minsk on March 2.

Belarusian Minister of Internal Affairs Anatolievich Shunevich and Chairman of the State Security Committee Vakulchik Valery Pavlovich welcomed the working visit by the Vietnamese delegation, led by Minister To Lam, and their attendance in the celebration of the 100th founding anniversary of Belarus’s police force.

The two sides shared information and experience in crime prevention and combat and exchanged viewpoints on international and regional issues of shared concern.

They reviewed the outcomes of bilateral cooperation and set forth orientations for collaboration in the time ahead so as to consolidate national security and social order and safety in their respective countries, thereby helping to promote the two nations’ traditional friendship and multifaceted cooperation.

Vietnam, Belarus bolster cooperation in crime fight hinh anh 2The working session between the Vietnamese delegation (L) and the Belarusian State Security Committee (Photo: VNA)

They were unanimous in augmenting anti-crime efforts, especially trans-national crimes, cybercrime, human trafficking, illegal immigration, and drug crime.

They agreed to increase connections in personnel training to improve law enforcement officers’ capacity, especially in combating hi-tech and economic crimes.

At the talks with the Belarusian State Security Committee, both sides reached a consensus on measures to boost result-oriented partnership, including enhancing information exchange and agreement implementation in 2017.

They are going to work more closely to crack down on organised crime, hi-tech crime, terrorism, human trafficking, and non-traditional security threats. They will also bolster profession and foreign language training for each other’s officers this year.-VNA