A workshop to create a Vietnamese version of Calculator 2050, a modern tool to support energy policy making and measure greenhouse gas emissions, was organised in Hanoi on October 30.

At the event, held by the Industrial Safety Techniques and Environment Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, participants discussed in detail how to adapt the tool to the Vietnamese context.

According to Hoang Van Tam from the agency, Calculator 2050 is an open-source tool used to identify to what extent renewable energy sources can meet a country’s demand for energy, and how to improve the quality of air.

It also plays an important role in achieving sustainable development and mitigating climate change, he said.

Vietnam Calculator 2050, scheduled to be completed by the end of this year, is being developed by the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

Calculator 2050 won a number of awards in the UK for its ability to engage policy-makers and the public in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. China, India, South Africa and Japan have also developed their own national models.

UK Ambassador to Vietnam Andrew Holt said Calculator 2050 will help Vietnam develop policies on energy supply and demand, and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, adding that the UK is delighted to support Vietnam in this field.

At the workshop, participants also gave presentations on related topics such as greenhouse gas emission scenarios for 2050, socio-economic development, and energy consumption in buildings and industries.-VNA