New York (VNA) – Vietnam has called on the international community to complete their commitments on financial contributions to United Nations (UN) humanitarian activities, thus helping fight hunger in Yemen.

Addressing the UN Security Council’s regular discussion on Yemen, which was held virtually on November 11, Head of the Vietnamese Mission to the UN Dang Dinh Quy expressed his concern about the stagnation in the Middle East country in the past months.

He called on all relevant parties to realise the ceasefire call by the UN Secretary General and his Special Envoy, quickly ending hostilities and resuming negotiations on a joint statement on a nationwide ceasefire.

The Vietnamese diplomat urged all parties to strictly implement Stockholm and Riyadh Agreements, stressing the need for actions to protect children and prevent a crisis for the future generations of Yemen.

At the session, participants called on the international community and sponsors to seek a solution to help locals in Yemen cope with hunger, especially the malnutrition among children. They also asked all relevant parties to work together to deal with the issues related to Safer oil storage ship offshore of Yemen.

Reports at the session highlighted the serious situation in Yemen where residents are facing high risk of starvation. The malnutrition rate among the people in the southern part of Yemen rose 10 percent in 2020, and it is 15 percent among the under-five children.

Besides, about 20 million Yemeni are facing a severe food security crisis. The economic situation has worsened as the prices of all necessities surge to a record height and the value of domestic currency falls 25 percent.

The second wave of COVID-19 pandemic may also cause severe impact to the situation in the country./.