Vietnam calls for equitable vaccine access, mutual support for economic recovery hinh anh 1Doses of COVID-19 vaccine distrbuted via the COVAX Facility (Photo: WHO in Vietnam) 

New York (VNA) – Minister Counsellor Nguyen Phuong Tra, Deputy Permanent Representative of Vietnam to the United Nations (UN), has said that inequity in vaccination against COVID-19, particularly in areas of conflict, may pose a threat to peacebuilding efforts and development achievements in the recent past.

She made the remark during UN Security Council consultations held on December 13 on the implementation of Resolution 2532 and Resolution 2565, which demanded a cessation of hostilities in all situations on the UNSC's agenda to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and a humanitarian pause to facilitate the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines in areas of armed conflict, respectively.

Tra emphasised that it is necessary to ensure that all people are inoculated against COVID-19 and able to access testing and treatment, calling on countries to offer financial assistance and vaccine supply for the COVAX Facility.

Vietnam underlines the importance of long-term measures, including putting an end to conflicts and focusing on economic development and improvement of people’s livelihood, together with support for economic recovery, the diplomat stated./.