Vietnam has called on concerned countries and parties to be calm, cautious and restrained so as to seek a peaceful solution to the Syria issue.

A Vietnamese representative to the UN, World Trade Organisation and other international organisations in Geneva delivered the request at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC)’s special session on the human rights situation in Syria on April 29.

The representative said the international community and the UNHRC should respect Syria ’s sovereignty and national determination, should not interfere in its internal affairs, and avoid all actions that can further complicate and worsen the situation.

As a friend nation of Syria , Vietnam has closely followed and been worried about the worsening situation in the African country, the representative said, adding that Vietnam would like to extend its condolences to families whose members were killed in violent riots.

The diplomat also applauded and urged Syria to continue taking reform measures to meet the Syrian people’s legitimate aspirations, especially those aimed at improving their living conditions and ensuring their fundamental rights and freedom.

Vietnam expects the situation in Syria would soon return to normal through dialogues with the broad participation of the Syrian people and without interference from the outside, the representative said./.