The Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam and the Ministry of Interior of Cambodia were urged to continue with effective cooperation to maintain social order and safety and fight crimes, especially in the shared border provinces, in 2013.

It was said during Minister of Public Security General Tran Dai Quang's talks with Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Sar Kheng, in Hanoi on January 4.

In the year, the two sides will continue coordinating in maintaining security and order in the Development Triangle ( Vietnam , Laos , and Cambodia ).

The two ministries were suggested to advise their Governments to step up the negotiation of several agreements, including the extradition and prisoner transfer treaties.

Minister Quang briefed the guest on the outcomes of the 2012 cooperation plan between the two ministries to ensure national security, social order and safety.

He highlighted the two sides’ strengthened coordination and exchange in experience and information, as well as their cooperation in combating trans-border crimes and drug trafficking.

They also effectively implemented signed cooperation agreements between the two countries, including the amended bilateral agreement to prevent human trafficking, increase cooperation in personnel training, and support facilities in provinces along the shared border, Quang said.

Sar Kheng hailed the cooperation achievements over the past years as a basis for the two sides to broaden their future collaboration.

Following the talks, the two ministries signed the 2013 cooperation plan./.