Vietnam will join efforts with Cambodia to build the common borderline into one of peace, friendship, stability, cooperation and development, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said.

Receiving Cambodian Senior Minister Var Kim Hong, who is Chairman of the Cambodia-Vietnam Joint Border Commission, in Hanoi on Jan. 14, PM Dung stressed that the demarcation and planting of border markers on the common borderline should be conducted on the principle of equity and rationality, thus benefiting both countries.

He urged the two sides to soon finalise demarcation on field. This would contribute to promoting cooperation between the two countries in many areas, the PM said.

He also welcomed and highly valued results of the recent of the joint border commission, where the two sides agreed to plant a number of markers this year and discussed measures to settle several difficulties.

Minister Var Kim Hong pledged that Cambodia will closely work with Vietnam in demarcating the borderline and planting border markers in line with cooperation and friendship spirit, listening to each other’s views and jointly solving arising issues, if any.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and Minister Var Kim Hong expressed their belief that land demarcation between Vietnam and Cambodia will be completed by 2012 as agreed by leaders of the two countries./.