Vietnamese and Chinese experts discussed the sea area off the Tonkin Gulf during the third expert-level negotiation round in Hanoi on May 29-30.

In a friendly, frank and constructive atmosphere, both parties affirmed their determination to push forward negotiations on the basis of the common perception of the two countries’ leaders and the principles defined in the “Agreement on the basic principles guiding the settlement of sea-related issues between Vietnam and China” signed in October, 2010, as well as the negotiation roadmap and principles reached during the previous rounds.

The two sides presented their detailed opinions on the demarcation of the sea area beyond the mouth of the Tonkin Gulf and agreed to discuss finding a location where they can implement cooperation for mutual development in this area.

They reached an agreement to establish a group of technical experts to jointly survey the sea area off the Tonkin Gulf in order to perform the negotiation tasks.

They also agreed to organise the fourth round of their talks on this area in the last half of 2013 in China.-VNA