The Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) Central Committee has sent a congratulatory message to the 6 th National Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, which opens in Havana on April 17.

The message stressed the 6th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba takes place in the context of rapid, complicated and unpredictable changes on the world, political unrests in the Middle East – North Africa, the imperialists’ imposition and intervention, financial crisis, global economic downturn and climate change, which pose great challenges to nations in the world, especially developing countries.

“In the situation, the Communist Party and fraternal people of Cuba have made great efforts and gained encouraging results in “updating” the economic model in order to raise labour efficiency and productivity, promoting fast and sustainable economic development, firmly defending revolutionary achievements,” the message said.

“We strongly believe that the 6 th Congress of your Party will create a strong motivation for fast, firm economic development. In the spirit of undaunted struggle of Sierra and Giron and in the light of the 6 th Congress’ Resolution, the Cuban people under the clear-sighted leadership of the Communist Party of Cuba headed by leader Fidel Castro and President Raul Castro, will overcome all difficulties and challenges, winning greater victories in the cause of national development and defence, successfully building socialism in the free, beautiful and heroic country of Cuba,” the message further said.

The Communist Party and people of Vietnam have just successfully organised the 11th National Party Congress, affirming to continue pushing up the renewal process in a comprehensive manner, in order to form a foundation for Vietnam to become a modern-oriented industrialised country by 2020 and successfully implement the goal of rich people, strong, democratic, equal, civilised country, firmly advancing to socialism, according to the message.

In its message, the CPV Central Committee highlighted unceasing development of the relationship between the two Parties, States and peoples in recent years, affirming Vietnam’s gratitude to the fraternal, faithful and pure solidarity, the impartial support and assistance of the Cuban Party, Government and people over the past years.

Fidel’s immortal remark “For Vietnam , we are ready to devote our blood,” is always the noble symbol of the relations, the message emphasised.

The CPV Central Committee took this opportunity to reaffirmed the consistent stance of the Party, State and people of Vietnam in accelerating, increasing and strengthening the friendship, solidarity, comprehensive cooperation between the two Parties, States and people of Vietnam and Cuba./.