Vietnam and the Czech Republic agreed to share managerial skills in the media sector, including radio and television broadcasting, making it easier for their mass media outlets to work together.

The agreement was reached by Vietnam’s Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Truong Minh Tuan and the Czech Republic’s First Deputy Minister of Culture Katerina Kalistova in Prague on October 6.

Tuan gave his host an overview of Vietnam’s press development and its plan to update the Law on Press to bring it in line with reality, adding that Vietnam was keen to work on personnel training with the Czech Republic via the exchange of reporters.

Vietnam would like to learn about Czech television production, television copyrights and the management of advertising and foreign broadcasters in the Czech Republic, he said.

In a working session with Mai Quoc Tuy, Director of Kenh Viet Company, on the same day, Tuan discussed the possibility of running Vietnamese television channels aimed at the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic.

Tuan arrived at the Vietnam News Agency bureau and the Sa Pa Trade Centre in Prague on October 8 and ended his visit to the capital city on October 9.-VNA