Vietnam earns more medal at Russia’s Friendship Games 2022 hinh anh 1 Swimmer Huynh Vu Nhu Giang of Vietnam (Photo: VNA)
Moscow (VNA) Vietnam has won another bronze medal after taking part in the Russian multi-aquatic sport Friendship Games 2022’s Stage 3 of synchronised swimming in Kazan city.

The medal was obtained by Huynh Vu Nhu Giang, who competed in the 13-15 age group.

From July 29 to August 2, eight swimmers and three coaches of Vietnam joined the stage, which gathered 103 athletes from six countries and territories.

The Vietnamese athletes competed in all age groups of over 20, 16-18 and 13-15.

Phung Ngoc Thuy, head of the Vietnamese synchronised swimming delegation, said the team’s participation was mainly to learn from and experience international competition environment, as the sport event brought together many strong teams such as Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

Stage 3 also rounded off the three-stage games.

In the first stage of swimming events, taking place from July 19 to 26 and gathering 776 swimmers from 11 countries worldwide, the Vietnamese delegation had nine athletes and one coach.

In the second stage of springboard diving competition from July 25-29, two Vietnamese athletes and one coach presented. Competing with 86 athletes from eight countries and territories, young Vietnamese athletes secured one silver and two bronze medals./.