The Vietnamese government and people wished to continue promoting multifaceted cooperation with Egypt for the benefits of the two peoples.

Deputy Foreign Minister Doan Xuan Hung made this statement at a ceremony to mark the 59 th anniversary of Egypt’s Revolution Day (July 23, 1952 - July 23, 2011).

Hung said that after about 50 years of diplomatic ties, the Vietnamese and Egyptian people had always fostered friendly relations and multifaceted cooperation for the benefits of the two peoples and for peace and development in the region and the world.

Egyptian Ambassador to Vietnam, Reda El Taify, underlined that the revolution had changed the destiny and future of Egypt, bringing all Egyptian people a better and happier life after many years of being oppressed, suppressed and exploited.

Taify said that this event was an historical turning point for anti-colonialism movements and the fight against foreign aggression for national independence not only in Egypt, but also across Arabia, Africa and developing countries.

He added that Egypt was pursuing a democratic path towards the elections of its National Assembly and President by the end of the year, saying a new Constitution would be drawn up to adjust the balance of power among the State legislative, executive and judicial bodies, preparing a foundation for changes in the country’s medium and long-term strategy.

On the occasion, he affirmed that long-term friendly relations between Egypt and Vietnam were closely attached to traditional and comprehensive cooperation for mutual support./.