Vietnam on November 12 was elected by the United Nations General Assembly at its 68th session to become one of 14 new members of its Human Rights Council for the first time.

Vietnam got 184 votes out of a total of 192, the highest among the candidates, a recognition by the international community for its recent achievements in exercising civil, political, economic, cultural and social rights.

This marks a progress in the country’s implementation of its foreign policy which pursues independence, self-reliance, peace, cooperation and development, diversification and multilaterisation of international relations while actively speeding up international integration as a reliable friend and partner and a responsible member of the international community.

During the three year tenure 2014-2016, Vietnam is expected to directly contribute, in a constructive and responsible manner, to the joint effort of the international community in accelerating and defending human rights globally.

Being a member of the UN Human Right Council also offers Vietnam a great opportunity to learn good experience from other nations to ensure the better exercise of rights of its citizens.-VNA