Since its inception in May 2014, Vietnam has sent officers to the United Nations peacekeeping missions in South Sudan and the Central African Republic. During the missions, Vietnamese officers carried out important international tasks, and  experienced difficulties and challenges in the work.

Returning to Vietnam after a year in peacekeeping service in the Central African Republic, Major Luong Truong Vinh still remembers all his tasks in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Social disorder, poverty, hunger, disease and a lack of water in the African country did not hinder the Vietnamese officer.

Since 2014, Vietnam has sent 16 officers. Each selected officer works for one year. The officers have been praised for their responsibility. They were given significant missions and positions, helping people in South Sudan to stabilise their lives after prolonged civil war.

Deploying the mission is important responsibility, Vietnamese officers consider that it’s not only a chance to get  training in a multinational working environment, but also an opportunity to represent Vietnamese army officers in the international arena.-VNA