Vietnam Energy Efficiency Industry Awards 2017 presented in Hanoi hinh anh 1At the granting ceremony (Source internet)

Hanoi (VNA)
– The Vietnam Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Association (VECEA) and the German Development Cooperation Organisation (GIZ) held a ceremony in Hanoi on January 31 to present the Vietnam Energy Efficiency Industry Awards 2017.

The Colusa-Miliket Foodstuff JSC won the first prize at the ‘best energy efficiency solutions’ category. 

By replacing coal material with husk for boilers, installing highly efficient inverters, changing the lighting system, and conserving pipelines for steam production, the company reduced 25 percent of energy intensity for a product in 2016 (compared to 2010) and 225 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.

Efficient energy usage and saving measures have helped the company save about 608 million VND (26,812 USD) of energy production cost annually.
The Polytechnical Mechanical, Thermal, Electrical and Refrigeration Engineering Company Limited (Polyco) earned the first prize at the ‘original and innovation energy efficiency solutions’ category thanks for its creative solutions to reducing 1,260 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.

More importantly, such measures as installing the layered refrigeration systems, making efficient use during peak hours, and recovering heat from boilers during production have been widely applied in the food processing industry, helping customers save 369 tonnes of oil equivalent (TOE) in 2013-2016 and reduce 10 percent of energy consumption of products in 2016 (compared to 2013).

The second and third prizes were granted to Vietnam Stanley Electric, Braun Vietnam and Synztec Vietnam companies, Tan Hiep water plant and Hanoi meat processing factory.

The Vietnam Energy Efficiency Industry Awards 2017 were launched from November 20, 2017 to January 15, 2018.

All industrial enterprises operating in the country and having annual energy consumption from 300 TOE per year (equal to two million kWh per year) and having carried out energy efficiency solutions from 2011 to 2016 were eligible to apply.

Vietnam is one of the most dynamically developing countries in Asia, facing rising demand for electricity, which is expected to double in the coming years.

Industrial production is currently the most energy consuming sector, accounting for 47 percent of the country's total energy consumption.

According to the Electricity Industry Development Plan VII announced in 2016, the Government of Vietnam has set a target of saving 10 percent of energy between 2016 and 2020.-VNA