Vietnam has taken an active part in the freshly-ended 41st World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, a government leader has said.

Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan, who was present at forum, said the Vietnamese delegation participated in five major seminars on building a new economic model in the post-crisis period, evaluating the global economy and forecasting its future prospects, and developing agriculture in current circumstance.

The delegation also took part in several themed sessions, including the one on agriculture, where they delivered a presentation on sustainable development of products involved businesses, the State and farmers.

The Deputy PM said Vietnam ’s model on product sustainable development was highly applauded and it is expected to be shared with other countries after implementing in the country.

At this WEF, the Vietnamese delegation held working sessions with representatives of several big countries and executives of big economic groups in the world to strengthen and boost the country’s bilateral ties.

Attending the event, the Vietnamese delegation has had access to wide-ranging information on the current situation in the globe as well as forecasts from leaders and scientists around the world, Nhan said.

Besides, the Vietnamese officials shared the country’s development experience with others, especially spreading the nation’s development plan adopted at the 11 th National Party Congress.

“By participating in this WEF, we reaffirm our sentiments to the countries we have established ties as well as renew our responsibility to foreign investors,” the government leader said.

He informed that at the event next year, Vietnam will organise an artistic exhibition at the request of WEF to help other countries gain deeper understanding of economic, political, cultural and artistic activities in the country.

The 41 st WEF drew 2,500 delegates from all over the world, including 35 national leaders and more than 1,400 group executives./.