A large number of the world’s left wing scholars joined domestic and foreign researchers at a seminar on global crises and left wing solutions, in Hanoi on Nov. 10.

At the event, the participants discussed six issues, focusing on financial crises and solutions, global crisis and labour relationships, the role of State enterprises, sustainable ecological development with economic development models, issues of social policies and justice, and challenges to Vietnam .

Left wing member of the German Federal Parliament Sabine Leidig said the global economy has seen a five-fold increase in size since mid-20 th century and is predicted to increase by 15 times by 2050.

At present, around 75 million tonnes of carbon dioxide are emitted to the environment, and 30 percent of the world’s population lack water each day, she said.

To address these key environmental challenges, she emphasised the necessity to quickly reduce energy and material consumption in developed industrial countries and look towards essential and balanced production.

On the assessment of Vietnam ’s economic achievements in the 2006-2010 period, Vice President of the Vietnam Development and Peace Fund Nguyen Van Thanh said Vietnam has entered the group of middle income nations with its average five-year GDP growth of 7 percent.

Vietnam is now facing degradation of its natural environment, as well as impacts of climate change and rising sea levels, he said.

To overcome these challenges, Thanh suggested Vietnam focus on the application of the latest environmentally friendly technology models and attach importance to agriculture./.