Vietnam earned over 120 million USD from exporting over 46,600 tons of honey, more than 90 percent of which was exported to the US market in 2014.

In the first quarter of 2015, Vietnamese enterprises shipped over 80 tonnes of honey to the European market, a positive sign of expanding market penetration, according to the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (Vietrade) and the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Vietnam currently is the world’s sixth largest exporter of honey and the second largest in Asia, after China .

The industry is still facing challenges in lack of experience, underperforming beebreeding techniques, low product quality management and insufficient marketing strategies, limiting Vietnamese honey’s recognition in the world market.

In an attempt to develop the country’s industry, Vietrade has signed an agreement with the Netherlands’ Centre for the Promotion of Imports (CBI) to develop supporting programmes for exported food materials, including honey products to the EU.-VNA