Vietnam exports clean vegetable farming technology to Singapore hinh anh 1A clean vegetable farm (Photo: VNA)

Singapore (VNA)Vifarm Vietnam company signed an agreement with DL Edvance of Singapore on March 10 to transfer its clean vegetable farming model using high technology to Singapore.

With this deal, Vifarm has become the first Vietnamese company to export clean vegetable farming technology to Singapore.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Vifarm Director Cao Nhat Anh Tu said the application of high technology in traditional agricultural production will help the production of clean vegetables and agricultural products in Singapore to be more effective, generate more output on the same farming area, and minimize management, operation and cultivation costs.

Through this cooperation, DL Edvance will also assist Vifarm to build brand names and bring Vifarm’s products, including agricultural and technology ones, to the global market, he added.

An executive of DL Edvance said the technology that Vifarm is applying does not consume much energy. It is a fully automated system helping to boost cultivation efficiency in a limited farming area and ensuring that products are clean.

He expressed his wish that the model will be applied not only in Singapore but also in other countries, adding that his company is working with some partners in regional countries so as to soon implement this model this year.

Vifarm owns some advanced farming technologies such as the farming systems without soil and irrigation, through which cultivation conditions are controlled by computers and Internet of Things devices.-VNA