Up to 83 per cent of Vietnamese enterprises consider cloud computing a top priority and 67 per cent said cloud computing made a great impact on business transformation.

These were shown on the VMware Cloud Index 2013 published on November 6 by the Vietnamese branch of US-based virtualisation software company VMware.

The survey also indicated that 41 percent of firms expressed their hope to develop cloud computing in the future, taking the third place in the Asia-Pacific region after the Philippines and Thailand.

The company's study showed that the demand of businesses was pushing towards the change in information technology (IT).

Eighty-eight per cent of participants said meeting higher demands of customers and enhancing customers' satisfaction are prioritised in the next 12 months.

Especially, 80 per cent of surveyed companies said that they relied on IT staff to apply technology in business.

Besides, 89 per cent of enterprises considered IT as an important factor in making big changes and a source in bringing business value for them.

In the survey, 77 percent believed that the awareness of prestige, influence and power of chief information officers was higher.

Huynh Phuc Yem Quan, general director of VMware Vietnam, said, "Cloud computing now becomes a decisive trend in the IT field and we realise the rapid increase in the awareness and virtualisation applications in the Vietnamese market."

VMware Cloud Index was carried out by Forrester Consulting with the financial support of VMware in 10 Asia-Pacific countries. This is the first time Vietnam and the Philippines have been included in the survey.

In Vietnam alone, the survey included 265 enterprises from different areas, with the participation of 50 per cent of local firms, 25 per cent of state agencies and public organisations and 25 percent of transnational companies.-VNA