Vietnam and France on September 25 issued a Joint Statement on their Strategic Partnership on the occasion of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung’s official visit to France from September 24-26.

The joint statement outlines the orientations and goals for the strategic partnership, with the aim to enhance bilateral cooperation in the fields of politics-diplomacy, national defence-security, economics-trade and investment, development, and culture-education-training-scientific research-law-justice.

In the political-diplomatic arena, France and Vietnam will increase discussions to promote dialogue on bilateral cooperation and regional and international issues of mutual concerns through the mechanisms of regular high-ranking meetings and contacts, and strategic dialogues between the ministries of Foreign Affairs and ministries of National Defence of the two countries at the deputy ministerial level on the Vietnamese side and equivalent level on the French side, among others.

Vietnam and France back the development of the close relationship between Vietnam and the EU, while pledge to share viewpoints and enhance their coordination and cooperation at regional and international organisations and forums.

Regarding defence-security cooperation, the two sides agree to increase the exchange of delegations of all levels, while strengthening the operation of the Joint Committee on defence cooperation and perfecting the cooperation in personnel training, military medicine and equipment as well as visits of military ships.

France will assist Vietnam in taking part in the United Nations’ peace-keeping operations.

Both countries share the desire to enhance cooperation in the defence industry. They reiterated their commitment to fighting the proliferation of mass destructive weapons.

They agree to foster technical and on-the-site cooperation in fighting terrorism, illegal migration, human and weapon trafficking, fake goods, drug smuggling, money laundering and cyber crimes.

Vietnam and France give priority to enhancing cooperation on economics, trade and investment. They pledge to create more favourable conditions for businesses of both sides to access each other’s market and promote investment.

They will also place priorities on cooperation in technology and industry in realms of strategic importance to Vietnam’s development including energy, aviation and space, transportation, environment and sustainable development, banking, information technology and communications, agriculture, food processing. High-technology projects with the involvement of small and medium-sized enterprises will also receive priority.

France supports Vietnam’s nuclear power programme and is willing to share its experience in nuclear technology, security and safety, while helping Vietnam in personnel training and seek financial sources for projects in the field.

The two countries back the signing of a comprehensive, balanced and ambitious free trade agreement between Vietnam and the European Unions for the improvement of access to each other’s market on the basis of respecting regulations of the World Trade Organisation.

Vietnam and France also lauded the outcomes of development cooperation over the past two decades and will pay attention to the promotion of the results in order to suit the rapid and dynamic economic changes in Vietnam .

Vietnam will work for the rapid and effective implementation of prioritised projects, especially those in agriculture, infrastructure (particularly urban infrastructure), production support, climate change, clean energy development, and water and environment management.

The two sides will also pay special attention to the implementation of the project to build the urban railway line number three in Hanoi.

In terms of cultural, education and training, scientific research, legal and judicial cooperation, the two sides pledge to facilitate the establishment and development of cultural centres of each other in Hanoi , Paris and other localities. They will coordinate in supporting French language teaching in Vietnam ’s educational system in line with Francophonie International Organisation’s commitments as well as Vietnamese teaching in France besides intensifying people-to-people exchange.

France and Vietnam will continue cooperating in tertiary education and scientific research. On that basis, the two sides will join hands in developing the Hanoi University of Science and Technology and boosting cooperation between universities.

The two countries will create conditions for the travelling of Vietnamese students studying in France.

They affirmed that training in health care, especially HIV/AIDS prevention is a focal point in tertiary education cooperation.

Besides, Vietnam and France will enhance legal and judicial cooperation in the framework of their cooperation agreement in this field signed in October 2, 1993.

On the occasion of the France-Vietnam Year (2013-2014), the two sides will push ahead cultural exchange, including the exchange of cultural products, movies, tourism, heritages and sports.

The two countries will build periodical plans of action to implement the Joint Statement.-VNA