Vietnam has spoke highly of Singapore ’s achievements in protecting and promoting human rights and fundamental rights of freedom, especially in education, healthcare and gender equality.

Vietnam highly valued Singapore ’s policy on maintaining harmony among ethnic groups and religions along with resolute actions against any act threatening the harmony to ensure stability, equality and social fairness in the island, Vietnamese Ambassador Vu Dung said at the 11 th session of the universal periodic review working group of Human Rights Council in Geneva on May 6.

Vietnam recognised Singapore ’s commitments to international human rights agreements and efforts to improve the protection of the rights of women, children and the disable, said Dung, head of Vietnam ’s delegation to the United Nations, World Trade Organisation and other international organisations in Geneva .

The diplomat proposed that Singapore increase measures to further promote the harmony, implement specific and appropriate steps to adopt and access to tools of international human rights.

Singapore needs to have an effective mechanism to keep an eye on proposal raised at sessions of the universal periodic review working group, he added.

Singapore is among 16 countries to have their human rights report reviewed at the 11 th session from May 2-13./.