Vietnamese Ambassador Le Huy Hoang has assumed the role as the Chair of the ASEAN Committee in South Africa at its recent meeting in Pretoria.

Philippine Ambassador Sjahril Sabaruddin, who chaired the committee in the previous term, expressed hope that in his new position, the Vietnamese diplomat will make contributions to further intensifying the solidarity, consensus and close cooperation among the ASEAN community in South Africa, as well as fostering the multi-faceted relations between the group’s member nations with the host country.

Ambassador Hoang said that in the six-month term, as the coordinator of the ASEAN countries in South Africa, the Vietnamese embassy will work together other ASEAN partners to organise activities promoting investment, trade and tourism, so as to popularise the image and raise the position of ASEAN member nations.

The ASEAN Committee will meet leaders of the Parliament and diplomatic corps in South Africa to exchange information and discuss measures to further ties.

An ASEAN fair is also scheduled to be held during the period.-VNA