Vietnam will boost restructuring its aquaculture production in the coming time in a bid to raise the added value of products and promote sustainable development in the sector, the Ministry of Agriculture and Development has said.

Accordingly, the model on the linkage of farming, processing, distribution and production will be developed for the aquaculture field in order to improve the quality of products, thus meeting requirements and standards for export.

Meanwhile, in the field of exploitation, models of offshore fishing teams will be intensified in connection with fishery logistics services.

Under the Action Plan for implementing the restructuring issued by the ministry, the sector will also allocate money from its budget to building fishing ports and shelters for fishing boats, and developing concentrated production and farming areas.

Vietnam is now the third largest aquaculture country in the region and among the top 10 exporters of aquatic products in the world.

Particularly, the country accounts for 90 percent of the world tra fish supply, with its products being sold to 149 countries and territories.

The European Union, ASEAN, the US and China are now major importers of Vietnamese tra fish, making up 77.5 percent of the country’s total exports in 2013.-VNA