“Vietnam: Past, Present and Future” was the theme of a recent workshop in Milan, Italy held by the Italy-Vietnam Friendship Association’s chapter in Lombardy region.

Participants recalled the historical victories of the Vietnamese people during the 20th century, with the peak of Dien Bien Phu Victory , which led to the signing of Geneva Accords on ending the war and restoring peace in Indochina .

The victory proved the sound and creative resistance guideline of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the growth of the Vietnam People’s Army as well as opened up a new period of revolution towards the complete liberation of the south and national reunification, said Vietnamese Ambassador to Italy Nguyen Hoang Long.

He took this occasion to thank Italian and international friends for their support for Vietnam during the past struggles against French and US forces as well as for the current national development.

In the framework of the workshop, two books on General Vo Nguyen Giap and hero Nguyen Van Troi which were translated into the Italian language made debut.-VNA