The 62nd meeting of ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology (COST-62) opened in Ho Chi Minh City on Nov. 23 with the attendance of more than 100 delegates from ASEAN countries.

As ASEAN COST Chair for the 2011-2012 term, Vietnam will continue to boost scientific and technological cooperation among ASEAN nations in the context of the bloc’s deep integration in various domains.

The focus of the 14th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Science and Technology (AMMST-14) and COST-62 will be on enhancing scientific and technological cooperation within the ASEAN bloc, towards building an ASEAN Community by 2015 based on the three pillars: ASEAN Political and Security Community (APSC), ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC).

Delegates will review the results of scientific and technological cooperation programmes among ASEAN nations since the 6th Informal ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Science and Technology held in Krabi, Thailand last December. They will also discuss the ASEAN Plan of Action on Science and Technology for the 2012-2017 period with the implementation of six ASEAN development priority programmes that have been adopted for implementation until 2015.

The programmes include food security until 2013, an early warning system for natural disasters, biofuels, the application and development of open source software, climate change from now to 2015, and the implementation of Krabi initiative: Science, Technology and Innovation for a competitive, sustainable and inclusive ASEAN.

A consultative meeting on ASEAN-New Zealand scientific and technological cooperation will take place on Nov. 25 and AMMST-14 will be held on Nov. 26./.