Vietnam Innovators Summit to be held in November hinh anh 1The Vietnam Innovators Summit to be held in HCM City in November, gathering 350 luminaries and innovation leaders. (Photo Courtesy of Vietcetera)
HCM City (VNA) - The first-ever Vietnam Innovators Summit will be organised in November, featuring high-level executive networking with informative and carefully curated activities aimed at providing a space for insight-sharing on Vietnam’s continuous growth over the years, even amidst the pandemic.

With the theme of “The new Vietnam starts here”, the summit, which gathers 350 luminaries and innovation leaders from large multinational firms, will bring unique and insightful discussions on technologies, businesses, human interactions, and how all of these define the new Vietnam.

Vietnam Innovators Summit is one of the most influential business and innovation event series backed by the media power of Vietcetera. The summit will see business innovators and thinkers from Vietnam and Southeast Asia come together for a three-week-long series of events.

A whole-day conference features keynote talks, fireside chats, and panel discussions hosted by CEO and Founder of Vietcetera and up to 20 executive speakers, experts, policymakers, investors, and disruptive entrepreneurs.

Exhibition booths, including Vietcetera’s own display of its most successful campaigns, podcast series, and events, are to be displayed for a more interactive exchange of information and ideas and for participants to fully embrace the innovative transformation in Vietnam and beyond.

The summit will include five separate sessions, each hyper-focused on a specific industry: Fintech, ESG and climate change, HR, investment, and healthcare (subject to change). These sessions are aimed at providing a clear snapshot of the significant changes, opportunities, obstacles, and growth forecasts of Vietnam’s key-performing sectors through keynote speeches and panel discussions. A reception will be organised for an informal networking opportunity among speakers and attendees.

Vietnam Innovators, one of Vietcetera’s most popular podcast series, started as an audio platform for a weekly conversation with some of the most influential names in Vietnam’s soaring business ecosystem. With 82 episodes across three seasons to date, the series has been consistently listed as one of the top podcasts on Spotify Vietnam and brought Vietcetera’s silver play button from YouTube./.