Vietnam introduces priorities during tenure in UN Security Council hinh anh 1Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, head of the Vietnamese Permanent Mission to the UN (Photo: VNA)

New York (VNA) – During the working term as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council (UNSC) in 2020-2021, Vietnam will work hard to contribute to preventing conflicts, promoting preventive diplomacy and dealing with disputes peacefully in the spirit of Article 6 of the UN Charter.

Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, head of the Vietnamese Permanent Mission to the UN, introduced priorities during the country’s tenure in the UNSC at a press conference in New York on December 12.

The Ambassador said that Vietnam will also try to engage in the reform of the council’s operation and the active cooperation between the council and regional organisations.

He said that Vietnam will voice its opinions on major issues such as the protection of civilians and essential infrastructure works in conflict areas, the safeguarding of women and children during armed conflicts, the settlement of bombs and mine left by war, and the UN peace-keeping operations.

Countering the impacts of climate change on peace and security will also be among priorities for Vietnam in the year, he stated.

Answering reporters’ questions on whether Vietnam will work for stronger voice of non-permanent members at the UNSC, the diplomat said that the efforts of a sole member cannot make any change. However, if all non-permanent members join hands together, things may be different, he said.

Regarding the relationship between Vietnam and the Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK), especially after Vietnam’s hosting of the second DPRK-US Summit in early 2019, Ambassador Quy said that Vietnam and the DPRK have both multilateral and bilateral ties, and Vietnam is striving to deliver to the DPRK its message that opening its door and integrating into the world will make each country stronger and assist with its development.

Vietnam has shared its experience with the DPRK in normalising the relationship with the US, he said, noting that Vietnam and the US have lifted their relations to a comprehensive partnership.

Answering questions on whether Vietnam will bring the East Sea issue to the UNSC discussions, Quy said that for a matter to be debated at the council, there should be support from at least nine member countries. Vietnam will do what it should and can do at suitable time, he added.

The Vietnamese representative also answered questions on other outstanding matters such as the reconstruction of Syria, the human right situation in some countries as well as humanitarian relief activities of the UN.

Currently, Vietnam has finished preparations to take the responsibilities of a non-permanent member of the UNSC. As the Chair of the UNSC in January 2020, Vietnam will chair the council’s meetings, and after receiving the permission from the council, Vietnam will represent the council as a UN agency./.