Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan has suggested that Vietnam and Japan should promote bilateral cooperation in science and technology to match potentials of both countries.

Minister Quan was speaking at a conference in Hanoi on June 19 to review achievements and prospects for cooperation between Vietnam and Japan in the field.

The event is among activities to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between the two countries.

He said besides enhancing bilateral ties within the existing cooperation framework, the two countries should also participate in multilateral cooperation mechanisms in science and technology.

He noted that since Vietnam and Japan set up their strategic partnership in 2009, bilateral cooperation has developed both on scale and in depth in various fields, including science and technology.

There are many favourable conditions for Vietnam and Japan to boost cooperation in the field, the minister emphasised, pointing out that many Vietnamese scientists have been trained in Japan, which make it easier for technological transfer between the two countries.

Hatoyama Yukio, President of the East Asia Research Institute and former Japanese Prime Minister affirmed that science and technology has been a top priority in Vietnam-Japan strategic partnership.

He said Japan will give priority in technological transfer and human resources to areas that Vietnam wants to develop, such as nuclear power.

Participants at the conference agreed that over the past years, Vietnam and Japan have recorded commendable achievements in science and technology cooperation. The signing of an agreement on Vietnam-Japan cooperation in the field in 2006 has laid a firm legal foundation for the two countries to foster cooperation in the field, they noted.-VNA