Lieut. Gen. Pham Xuan Hung, Deputy Chief of the Gen. Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army, welcomed Major General Yohishide, Head of the Defence Agency, the Bureau of Defence Policy, the Staff Office of the Japan Ground Self-Defence Force, in Hanoi on Jan. 10.

Hung reviewed the friendship between Vietnam and Japan as well as the comprehensive cooperation between the two countries’ armies.

The friendship and cooperation between the two defence ministries have enjoyed in-depth development which is reflected through exchange of delegations at all levels, training military cadets and cooperation between policy research agencies, he said.

For his part, Yohishide informed his host of the outcomes of the first dialogue of Vietnam-Japan infantry staff officers at general level, which he said marked a breakthrough in defence ties between the two countries and opened up new cooperative opportunities for the two ministries, contributing to stability, peace and development in the region./.