Actress Nha Phuong (Source: Internet)

Hanoi (VNA) – Vietnam is working with Japan to produce a movie entitled Khuc Hat Mat Troi (The Sun's Song), which will premiere on Vietnam Television on November 25.

The film's script, licensed by Japan's Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, is about a young composer with a beautiful voice who tragically suffers from a life-threatening disease.

The film has attracted attention for signing on famous Japanese singer and actress Nao Matsushita. She played a major role in the original Japanese version nine years ago.

The Vietnamese cast includes veteran actress Thu Ha and young actress Nha Phuong.

According to Do Thanh Hai, Director of the Vietnam Television Film Centre, Khuc Hat Mat Troi consists of 24 episodes filmed in both countries.

Vietnamese actors and actresses will have to learn Japanese, and vice versa, in order to effectively work together while filming the drama.

Cooperation with the international TV station, big media and entertainment conglomerates is a new direction for Vietnam to introduce its nation, people and culture to the world.

Khuc Hat Mat Troi is the second collaborative television film by Vietnam and Japan; the first was Nguoi Cong Su (Fellow-worker), which aired in 2013.-VNA