Vietnam has participated in its first international tropical carnival in Paris as part of the ongoing celebrations for Vietnam-France Year 2013.

The 12 th Tropical Carnival Paris, themed “Confiserie du monde” (Confectionery in the world), was held on July 6 and attracted 4,000 performers from more than 50 troupes and an audience of about 200,000.

The Vietnamese troupe performed non (palm-leaf conical hat) dances and martial arts with traditional music in four appearances during the parade.

Both French and international friends were impressed by the performances, which demonstrated some original Vietnamese culture.

The first appearance of a Vietnamese troupe in the carnival reflects the country’s development and demonstrates the strength of the Vietnamese community in France, said Duong Tri Dung, the Vietnamese Ambassador to the country.

He added that the participation of Vietnam in the event signalled the positive integration of Vietnamese communities into French society and helped the country to show off its culture.

Along with Vietnam, Bolivia, Colombia, China and Indonesia also took part in the cultural event for the first time.

Tropical Carnival Paris 2013 is an annual festival held in the French capital since 2002, aiming to honour the cultural diversity of immigrant communities in the country.-VNA