Vietnam Kendo practitioners keep sword skills sharp hinh anh 1Japanese martial art, Kendo (way of sword) was first introduced to Vietnam in the 1990s. (Photo: VOV)

Hanoi (VNA) - Introduced in Vietnam more than 10 years ago, the Japanese martial art, Kendo (way of sword), is increasingly attracting young people to practice it.

Kendo is not only for physical training but also for the improvement of mental strength. It was first introduced in Vietnam in the 1990s. But only in 2004 did the art form become popular in Hanoi.

The loud shouts, the slapping sound of bamboo swords (shinai) clashing against each other and the noise of feet stomping on the floor make the whole training place full of energy, and distinguishes itself from other martial arts.

Nguyen Van Hien, President of the Kendo Hanoi Seikenkan Club, said Like in other sects of Japanese martial arts, practitioners practice and compete in bare feet. They wear protective armour, a facemask, shoulder protectors, hand and forearm protectors, groin and leg protectors and most importantly a bamboo sword.

Following this martial art, practitioners (kendoka) not only learn how to use a sword but also the way of it, or put differently, the manner of sword users. Preserving good manners, respect and politeness among people is one of the aims of practicing the art.

At the beginning, Kendo was taught to children of Japanese expatriates working in Hanoi. Afterwards, the martial art was practiced more and more by Vietnamese. Now, Kendo is not only developing in Hanoi but also in many other cities and provinces nationwide. - VNA